Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Looking Forward to the Weekend

(Sunday’s weather warranted leggings and sunglasses!)

I had an interview first thing in the morning (exciting!) and then worked all day long. One of the ladies I worked with walked in and quit on Friday so I’ll be picking up a lot more hours between now and the end of the month. Ugh…stressful. But that’s alright because I could really use the money. On Friday night, my best friend came to town and we talked for a longgg time. I love catching up with old friends :)!

Best friend and I went shopping all day. I bought a dress to wear to a concert I’m attending on Friday AND found a dress I’d love to own for Easter. I passed on it because it was $20 but I’m still thinking about it so I may have to go back and pick it up. Saturday night I made a huge dinner for best friend and her boyfriend and I (hey there burgers on pretzel buns) then we crafted and watched TV.

Best friend and her boyfriend rolled out of town and I did a TON of laundry. I walked to target because the weather was pretty nice and was pleasantly surprised by a giant sale on their DVDs. I picked up seasons 3 and 4 of Dexter for FIFTEEN DOLLARS EACH. Are you kidding me!? What a deal. I can’t wait to start watching them.

I had a pretty great weekend. I always love spending time with Kristina and Sean :). How was your weekend? As always, I invite you to do your own weekend update then leave your link in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Looking Forward to the Weekend

  1. Skinny Boys (you'll have to refresh me on your name!) – I don't think I would have taken them back either. The cold does crazy things to you haha. That sounds like a great surprise!Courtney- OH MY GOD THIS SNOW IS A JOKE! I am so grumpy. I looked out my window this morning and saw snow dusted across the rooftops of the buildings below me. Isn't it supposed to be warm by now?Danielle- I'm so jealous that you're wearing tank tops and shorts. You're a jerk for rubbing it in ;)

  2. I don't know who else to complain since we are in the same vicinity….HOLY CRAP! Snow?! Are you kidding me? I heard rumors of the snow coming to Chicago but thought it couldn't be true. So so sad.Anyways, Target always seems to have great little deals that no one ever notices. I ALWAYS hit up their clearance section too. I always wonder why regular things they still have on their shelf are also on clearance. Either way, Target is a pretty amazing store!

  3. Wow, what a steal on those seasons! I once bought some iPod speakers on sale after Christmas, and when I got them home I opened the box and someone jammed season 1 and 2 of True Blood in the box and removed the speakers.. I don't know why the beepers didn't go off, but I got 2 seasons for $5! The right thing would have been to take them back, but it was snowing and cold. Hah.

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