Easter Weekend Update

This weekend was a good one! I actually have some fun tidbits for my regular update :). Here we goooo


I went to see my friend Ben perform in the band for a Columbia student’s senior concert. He did a fantastic job (he’s a drummer) and after I snagged some dinner with him and his parents who were in town for Easter weekend. Good music, great food, wonderful conversation. Who could ask for a better Friday!?


I should have been doing homework all day… that was the plan. Instead, I did a little bit of homework, a TON of grocery shopping and cleaning, then a little bit more homework. On Saturday night my older brother and his girlfriend came downtown so we could spend Easter together. We all watched Despicable Me then fell asleep. I realllllly really love that movie :).


Easterrrr!!!! I’ll give the Easter festivities a special post but to recap… 1) woke up and got dressed for brunch, 2) brunch at Yolk, 3) exchanged Easter baskets while listening to old records (journey anyone?!) and blowing bubbles. After my brother and his little lady left, I watched a few hours of clips from Basketball wives as research for a project I have to do on it tonight then I watched half a season of Dexter. Lazy, lazy, lazy…but so nice to take a little break!

How was Easter Sunday for all of you?! Even if you don’t celebrate, I hope that it was a wonderful day!!


Do you do weekend update too!? Leave me your link in the comments.

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