Ohhh son of a gun. So much has been happening in my life recently. Or maybe always? Anyways, I like to keep all of you in the loop so I figured I’d give you a quick update:

This is the last week at my current job. Right now, I work at a small boutique near my school and its been a really good experience. It was also my first job in Chicago which is fun all on its own. I’m leaving because I got an internship for the summer. I’m thrilled :). After I sent out my applications, I got SEVEN interviews. I have never been so proud of myself. It felt like all of my nights spent in my apartment feeling lonely and wondering why I wasn’t out partying like my friends were totally worth it. It feels fabulous when hard work pays off :)! Anyways, I had some great interviews and one realllllly awkward/awful interview and I ended up getting a job. I still have an interview set up for a fall internship so keep your fingers crossed for me there.

Only two weeks left in my semester, THANK GOD. I have the perfect schedule this semester but I’m feeling pretty burnt out. I just want to turn in my final projects and take a little break. Something about the way summer makes everything slow down infects my brain too. Not saying that I’m lazy, just saying I’d love to spend a few days on the beach. Ya know what I’m sayin?! I’m taking summer school this year as well so my break is very brief. I’m considering taking all my summer school classes online so that I have more free time. Plus, I can save some money that way. I’m still deciding if that’s the right choice for me though.

I’m worried that things may be getting a bit stale around here. Sometimes I feel pressured to take part in all the blog trends that go on but then I realize that I’d rather be “me” than be popular. Its funny how hard it is to stay true to your voice! Does anyone else struggle with this? Any suggestions on staying true to yourself in the blog world? I’d love to hear them :)!!

I think that’s just about everything!!

How are things in your lives?

3 thoughts on “Life

  1. Oh my!! Congrats on the seven interviews!! That's great that you've got an internship for the summer as well as one lined up for the fall! :) Plus, just something I'd keep in mind is that if you haven't done online schooling before, and you've been doing so well with in class classes, and I believe you've said that you're almost done :) than I'd suggest stickin' with staying in the classroom. Especially if that helps motivate you to get work done to be present with classmates and a teacher… just an idea…& Don't stress about blogging, I totally know the feeling – I've recreated blogs just because of that. Keep powering through, get what you need to get done first first, and as those little brief moments of time come up where you can relax or so, let the world around you become inspiration to what you want to blog :D You go to Starbucks and you blog about your favorite cup of coffee/complicated drink, you go to your favorite place that is you hang out at – library, park, home, etc. – and blog about what you do there, or just blog about oh idk, food, weather, family/friends, you! Just some suggestions to get your mind going and things to blog about :DI hope that this somewhat helped and that you have a great time with your internship!!-Lauren

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