Homemade Tomato Almond Pesto served over Linguine

Another smitten kitchen recipe… I just can’t help myself. Literally everything I have ever made from that site has been finger-lickin’ good. I’ve made a TON of stuff from her too. I should do a roundup of all the posts where I cooked a smitten kitchen recipe–my own little version of Julie and Julia ;).

Tomato, Almond Pesto

Anyways! Easter weekend I tried to make Tomato Almond Pesto. I loveee all of those things by themselves and knew that I would be a fan of the combination. Again, all of my wishes came true in this recipe. Next time I think I would use a little bit less tomato as my pesto ended up having more of a bruschetta-like consistency. That’s alright though because I love bruschetta too.

Tomato, Almond Pesto
Tomato, Almond Pesto

It was fairly simple to prepare so I could definitely see myself using this recipe again in the future. The only major struggles I had were with my tinyyy food processor. It’s adorable and apartment friendly but not the most practical food processor in the world. Generally I have to make my recipe one half at a time because it won’t fit!

Tomato, Almond Pesto


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