Best. Readers. Ever.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but you all are literally the best blog readers a girl could ask for. I wouldn’t be where I am if none of you cared to read what I say so thank you times a million for that! This morning, TWO of my readers did some wonderfully sweet things for me and I’m blown away.

First, I came home from class and had this GIANT box waiting for me at home. I LOVE getting mail so I was already pumped up.
SOS Pillow
Then I opened it and saw this CUTEEE packaging (seriously, that sheep ribbon is killing me) which was accompanied by the most heart-warming card.
SOS Pillow
What was inside all that wrapping, you ask?!
SOS Pillow
SOS Pillow
THIS PILLOW! Quick story: A girl commented on one of my blog posts a longggg time ago and when I went to her blog she had a post about these really cool pillows she was making for her etsy shop. I didn’t know who she was but I distinctly remember following her blog hoping she’d post a DIY or get her etsy shop up and running so I could buy one of these pillows. Turns out, she’s one of my great blog friends now and she sent me a pillow because she’s the sweetest. I am sooooooo excited to give this little guy a home :). It fits in perfectly here in my city! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mackenzie! Clearly, all of you should head over to her blog and see for yourselves just how great she is.

Next up, a newer reader around here nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. When I first started blogging I used to be SO jealous of the ladies who received these awards so I’m blown away that someone has nominated me for one (The lovely Chrissy passed one along to me too). Thank you sooo much to Simonette (I hope I got that right!).

So the rules of this blog award are to thank the one who bequeathed it to you (check!), write seven random facts about yourself (see below), and pass it along to fifteen other bloggers (ehhhh that’s a lot…).

My Seven Facts:

1) I am a TOTAL morning person. I have never met anyone else who feels this way. I am generally happiest when I’m up with the sun!

2) I don’t really like movies that I know will have a happy ending. I feel like that’s really predictable and I’d rather spend my time watching something that keeps me on my toes.

3) I always wear two rings–one is a tiny house that my best friends Sean and Kristina bought for me and the other is a set of stackable rings with hands that hold each other. That sounds so confusing. Maybe I’ll post a picture of how they work sometime. It’s a seriously cool ring, I get compliments on it all the time.

4) I am too impatient to wait for my nails to dry after I paint them so there is always at least one nail that has a huge bump in it.

5) True Life: I spend way too much time reading blogs.

6) I loveeeeeee to read. I’m always reading like a million books at once. Right now I’m in the middle of 12 books. They’re all strategically placed around my apartment/life so that whenever I reach for something to read there’s a book to meet my needs.

7) I spend almost all of my money on food. I love to cook/eat out so when I get my paycheck I’m usually at the grocery store picking out something new and exciting to cook or going out to a restaurant (new or old) to inhale something divine.

I was supposed to give this to fifteen other bloggers but that seems a little bit obnoxious to me so I’m going to give it to three ladies that I’ve been enjoying a lot recently.

1) Kate’s Irrelevant
2) My Little Artichoke
3) All Dressed Up

Sighhhh you guys are the best :). I’ll be back tomorrow with a lateeee Vloggin’ Vednesday and some other goodies.


4 thoughts on “Best. Readers. Ever.

  1. I'm so glad you like it! Isn't that sheep ribbon the best?! I found it at Michael's and was like – MUST. HAVE. NOW. hahaha ♥ youuu xxx

  2. What a cute pillow! I am FOR sure heading over there.And, in my group of friends I am a morning person too! I am always like HEY GUYS WHATS GOING ON, all excited… they squint at me, and usually flip me off…. lol.

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