Weekend Update

I’m really bad at keeping up with features because I tend to forget about them. I’m trying really hard to keep things up and running though so here is another weekend update :)!


I slept in late, did some snugglin, then got my day started. My friend Lauren and I met up at Noble Tree Cafe to do some homework. Friday evening was spent doing various apartment things. (one of my roommates moved out so there’s some furniture moving, heavy cleaning, and redecorating going on)

I woke up bright and early to get to the first outdoor Green City Market of the season. I got there around 10:30 and almost everything I wanted was sold out so I’ll have to get there earlier next time! When I got home, I finished a few of my finals, cooked up some delicious lunch, and sang along to some Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum, and Frank Sinatra courtesy of the best pandora station ever. Saturday evening I got some dinner at Flat Top with my friend Eric (YUMYUMYUM) then spent the rest of the night scrapbooking and watching movies on Netflix.

I woke up early on Sunday as well because I had a lengthy to-do list to get done. I cooked some breakfast, cleaned my apartment, and redecorated my entryway. I set up a menu for dinner as I thought I would be cooking for three of my friends (dinner didn’t end up happening!) and got some groceries for the meal. After I got home, I spent some time at Reckless Records with Ben picking out some great vinyl for his collection. After that, Sean and Kristina (two of my best friends that get mentioned around here a lottt) spent the night at my place because they are leaving from Chicago for INDIA today. They’re going to be doing some missions work over there and I’m so proud to call them my friends. We took it easy and watched Easy A while munching on some snacks (chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe’s). We said our goodbyes this morning, keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

Overall, I’d say this weekend was a HUGE success. I spent time with people I love, slept in, crafted, ate delicious food, cooked, cleaned, decorated, and experienced new things. I wish all weekends could be this wonderful!

What did you do with your weekend?

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