Noble Tree

Ever since I found out I’m graduating in a year, I’ve been thinking seriously about what I’m going to do after I’m out of school. There is a big possibility that I will no longer live in Chicago when I’m done so I’ve decided to soak up as much “Chicago” as possible while I’m still living here! Over the weekend, I got a pretty good jumpstart into the whole “experiencing my city” thing.

One of my favorite parts of living here are the little locally owned and operated businesses. I loveee doing my homework in coffee shops so I’m always trying to find new ones to satisfy my love. On Friday, my lovely friend Lauren and I went to Noble Tree Coffee and Tea.
I ordered a french soda (raspberry, of course) and impulsively bought a lemon cookie as well. Both were pretty tasty!

We spent about three hours doing homework and my only complaint is with the weird playlist. It sounded more like I was clubbin’ then in a coffee shop! We kept giggling with each song because it was so weird.

I can’t decide if I’d go back again. When compared to my other homework hotspot of choice (Bourgeois Pig) it just isn’t as captivating. It was, however, much more spacious, and the decor is really cute. That was really nice–especially since I didn’t go alone. It’s nice to have the option to spread your work out across a large table versus a tiny one. I think I’d have to try it at least once more before making a final decision!

Any Chicago natives out there, do you have coffee shop suggestions? I’d love to give them a try and review them!!


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