Springtime Minestrone with Basmati Rice

So after seeing write-ups about Super Natural Cooking on some of my favorite blogs (Lottie & Doof, Design*Sponge, Food in Jars) I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Only after revisiting these posts did I realize that I ordered Heidi Swanson’s first cookbook instead of her newer one hahaha. Oh well :). I’m still pumped up about it!

Over the weekend I tried my first recipe from the book–Springtime Minestrone with Basmati Rice. I kept everything pretty much the same as the recipe but I wasn’t able to find brown basmati rice so I used white rice and I’d say it tasted pretty delicious.

Spring Minestrone

Spring Minestrone

You might notice that there is always a heap of cheese on top of the recipes I post. That is because I have a serious love affair with Parmesan cheese. I almost always throw a heap of Parmesan on top of any noodle/risotto/rice/soup dish I make. Trader Joe’s has a pretty great bag of shredded Parmesan so that’s generally where I get mine. I know that some people would say my Parmesan love ruins the integrity of my food–but at least I don’t salt the hell out of it…right??

I don’t really know the rules on posting recipes from books but I don’t want to be breaking any rules or exploiting Heidi Swanson’s hard work so I’ll just suggest that you check out her blog or go and buy yourself a copy of Super Natural Cooking.



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