Making plans for the future

I am a huge worrier. I am also really hesitant to overload my plate or jump into new things because I’m afraid I’ll be in over my head. So, making post-graduation plans and figuring out this last year of school has proved to be quite a daunting task. You are some of the best listeners I know of, so I decided to document my progress with you! Let’s get started…

This summer I’ll be in summer school and interning with a Chicago-based company. I’m really excited to experience my first summer in Chicago and work at my first “real” job (something that isn’t retail or my dad’s company). When I was applying for internships, one company was full for the summer but had fall slots open. I interviewed for a fall internship and was accepted into the program (I’m thrilled!). I’ve also laid out my schedule from now until graduation (I know my exact schedule through December and the classes I’ll be taking in the spring). All of this sounds so exciting, and it is, but there is a part of me that isn’t quite ready for all of this just yet. I’ve been soooo consumed with worry about making all these decisions.

Inspired by the book I’m reading right now, I’ve decided to take a deep breath and relax. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I need to get pumped up about all these incredible opportunities knocking on my door. I get so wrapped up in my potential inability to navigate my future that I forget to be happy about where I am today. I’m a nut. I feel like this insane fretting isn’t specific to me. How do you all deal with stress about the future? Any tips and tricks about avoiding the whole “overthinking” thing?

Finally, I want to draw your attention to this Ipad 2 giveaway. I really want one but am desperately poor so I think it’d be pretty freaking cool to win it. You all should enter too!!


5 thoughts on “Making plans for the future

  1. Alyssa–I do the worst case scenario thing too! I'm glad I'm not alone in that because at times it tends to feel rather morbid. It's one of my favorite strategies though :)Lauren–I'm definitely lacking a little in the Jesus department recently but I'll always have my faith. Sometimes it helps to have a combination of faith and concrete strategies to deal with life. I think they work very well together.Claire–thank you! I found the dress at a thrift store and the belt was only a quarter!!Kristina–You're the best friend ever! Be safe in India!!!

  2. i used to worry a lot. i decided to just start imagining the worst case scenerio, knowing that it is extremely unlikely and acknowledging that if it did happen that i'm smart enough to get out of it/strong enough to get through it. once i've done that, i'm able to put things out of my mind and move right along with enjoying the present. what ifs can make you crazy and miss your whole life if you let them!

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