Weekend Update

Back once again with a weekend update! Here we go :)

(I made that skirt!!!)

I spent the whole day in my pjs. Yup! The wholee day. I watched a lot of Criminal Minds and started sewing a skirt based off of this pattern.

I got up bright and early so that I could do yoga in the park…only to find that it was raining :(. Hopefully this week!! Instead, I spent some time cleaning and even more time sewing. I did a lottt of homework and turned in a few assignments (woo!).

I slept in. I had a really bad headache all day on Saturday so I went to bed really early and ended up sleeping for like 12 hours. Maybe my headache was a sign of me being really sleepy? Either way, I felt great on Sunday. I finished my skirt!!! I’m so proud of myself. It’s the first thing I’ve ever sewn for myself. I am officially addicted. Sunday evening I went to a friend’s lovely apartment to help celebrate her birthday. We all ate dinner on the roof of her gorgeous building (the view…I died) and played a silly game. I’m proud of myself for going out!

How was your weekend? Less lazy than mine, I hope :).


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