Happiness Project Resolutions

Ah, back to the Happiness Project. As the fabulous book suggests, one should make specific resolutions that are measurable. I haven’t quite decided how to measure my goals yet, but I have picked a list of 6 resolutions that are aimed at making me a happier lady! I think that a big part of sticking to these resolutions is sharing them. And who knows, maybe my resolutions will inspire one of you to set some of your own!?

Happiness Project

1) Do it
I don’t do things. I avoid going out, I frequently bail on plans last minute because I “don’t feel like it” and I avoid new situations for many different reasons (lack of money, time, energy, etc.) I get these horrible stomach aches before participating in new activities so I tend to find excuses to get out of doing them. I hate this crazy social anxiety I have because I almost always have a good time when I try new things. So my new resolution is to just do it (thanks Nike!). I’ve already enacted this and so far its forced me to sew a cuteee skirt and go to a friend’s birthday party that I definitely would have blown off otherwise.

2) Keep it clean:
This refers to clutter. I like to keep a lot of objects. I had stacks of old magazines, I can never bear to part with a book, and I have a weird habit of keeping the hang tags from clothing I buy. I also have a huge collection of old craft supplies I’ll probably never use. I like to buy things but I don’t use these things as quickly as they come in. I’m going to shop less and clean more. I often feel guilty getting rid of stuff that I think is “usable’ but really its just taking up space! I’m going to try my best to keep it clean and simple.

3) Let the little things go:
I tend to get pretty worked up over the small things in life. I think that instead of freaking out over these little details, it would be better to take a breath and put it in perspective. This one is pretty self-explanatory :)

4) Get it done early:
I’ve never been big on procrastination but it’s always good to have a little reminder of that, right!? I want to start getting my tasks done as they come at me, rather than putting them off until the last minute. It leads to less stress and less failed commitments!

5) Squash the sarcasm and sass..aka..be nice:
I am REALLY sassy. The amount of sarcasm pumping through my veins is out of control. I often use sarcasm as a way to avoid getting too close to people or just to get myself out of awkward situations. While I think its appropriate sometimes, there are just as many occasions when sarcasm shouldn’t be used. I’d like to be a little more vulnerable and a little less sassy. I can’t let go of all the sass… After all it makes me who I am! I just want to use it more appropriately :)

6) Remember and follow through:
I’m the worst friend. No joke. I often forget birthdays, fail to show up for events, and think too much of myself and not enough of the other person in the relationship. I want to start remembering birthdays, giving gifts for no reason, following through when my loved ones have had a rough day, etc. I also want to try harder to make new friends! It’s a lot of work but definitely worth it at the end of the day.

So those are my resolutions. Have any of you taken on a Happiness Project of your own? If so, tell me your resolutions!! I’m so excited about this :)

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