I love when people from out of town come to visit because it gives me the chance to do things I really wouldn’t do otherwise. I’ve wanted to eat at Epic Burger since I first moved here (no joke, it was really close to my dorm and they always had a discount for Columbia students). I’ve never tried it because 1) I heard it wasn’t that good and 2) I heard it was a really overpriced burger. Who wants to eat at a place that’s overpriced and not that good? Not me. But, I had also heard that it was the best burger out there. All of this conflicting information! What’s a girl to do? This girl decided to just try it out for herself :).

My amazing friends Sean and Kristina (you can think of them as reoccurring guest stars on the blog) were in town just for the night after their trip to India. They hadn’t had beef in weeks and wanting nothing more than a giant hamburger so we decided to give Epic Burger a try. My god… I’m so glad we did…
Epic Burger in the Park
Epic Burger in the Park
Epic Burger in the Park
Epic Burger in the Park
Epic Burger in the Park
I got a turkey burger with cheddar and a fried egg on top. This was one of the messiest burgers I’ve ever eaten but it was SO GOOD. They use all natural ingredients and make sure their turkeys/cows are treated well before they make burgers out of them (ha!). And for you vegetarians out there, they have a portabella mushroom burger that I imagine is wonderful. Their french fries are natural cut and topped with delicious sea salt. I was sooooo full when I finished and completely satisfied. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

If you’re ever in Chicago, Epic burger is definitely a good place to eat. You can check out their website for locations, the menu, and all sorts of other fun information about them.

So, what do you say? You’re all coming to visit me and we’ll get Epic Burgers as a group? Awesome :).


7 thoughts on “Out-of-Towners

  1. Nellie–thank you for the heads up! I'm so flattered by their sweet words :)! I'm glad you stopped by and that you share my love for Epic burger.Dave–So many people have told me to go to Kuma's Corner, I really feel like I have no excuse for not having been there. I'll have to get there asap!

  2. Epic Burger is a wonderful place– for their style of burgers (thin & fry cooked ) they're the best. If you love burgers, you must visit Kuma's Corner. I'm not saying their "the best," but it's definitely a burger-mecca.

  3. Sara–It was a little too much for me to handle too. SO MUCH FOOD! But….so goooooood. How can I resist?!Nick–I'll have to give it a try! I'm a burger lover so I'm always up to check out a new one :)

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