You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet

“Over the years, Jolson’s trademark phrase, ‘You ain’t heard nothing yet!’ seeped into my identity. It was part tease, part threat, part advertisement, part introduction, and it represented how I wanted to live my life. It summed up how I wanted to explode into the world, make an impact, and be known. I also appreciated how the phrase was a personal challenge. Even if Jolson sang exceptionally well, he still wanted to top his own performance, to do even better. I imagined him coming out for each encore, saying, ‘You ain’t heard nothing yet!’ and then launching into an even higher level of showmanship. It was like punching through the gears in a sports car, each one faster and more powerful than the last. And in my own life, I was starting to realize that it was time to kick my entertainment transmission into gear” -The Man Behind the Nose: Larry BOZO Harmon; Assassins, Astronauts, Cannibals, and other Stupendous Tales

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