My motivation for blogging just crashed and burned. I don’t know if its because I’m not doing anything exciting or if I just need a bit of a break but whenever I open this blank little posting box my little digits just don’t want to type anything. So, I’m going to let myself off the hook. I can’t say I’ve ever taken an official blog break so I’m excited about this! I’ll be back next Monday with fresh posts, a happier outlook, and more enthusiasm for blogging. I swear! In the meantime, I thought I’d direct you to a few blogs that make my days about a million times brighter. If you’re a fan of the Sugar on facebook, you already know about the first one!

Reagan’s Blob

Literally the most amazing woman I’ve ever…read about? Her positivity and enthusiasm for every aspect of life mixed with truly honest writing makes her blog my absolute favorite…ever. I’m not kidding. I can truly say there has never been any other blog I’ve enjoyed more than hers. If you head over there be sure to check out the photos of her little Piper, read about her fabulous vacation, and hopefully take in some of her positivity to use in your own life.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned Rubyellen before, but I’ll throw her name out there again. She takes fantastic pictures, has gorgeous kids, makes the COOLEST crafts, dresses with a ton of style, and documents it all like a champ. I love everything she does. You should too.

Studs and Pearls

I know I talk about this lady all the time, but obviously I’m not the only one. She’s practically famous in the DIY world for her genius crafts and tutorials. So if you’re bored and trying to avoid the heat while I’m away, why don’t you try whipping up one of her great projects?

Alright kids, I’m off to…. You know? I don’t really know but I’m going to enjoy my little vacation from bloggin’. I can’t wait to see you all when I get back :)



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