Guess who’s back!?


I’m back and feeling refreshed. That break was just what a I needed to feel a little rejuvenated. I thought I’d kick things off with a weekend update :).


I didn’t do…anything… Really. Friday was so very boring. I spent the majority of my day watching Grey’s Anatomy and laying down but in the evening I finally kicked myself for being so lazy and tackled some homework. I always feel guilty for having lazy days like that but honestly, it’s summer and I deserve some downtime before my senior year of school starts so I’m glad I did it!

This was a fabulous day :). I got up early and went to Bourgouis Pig with one of my roomies. We chatted and ate delicious sandwiches which was so fun. After lunch, we stopped by a thrift store and stumbled upon this couch…

I think I may buy it and attempt to reupholster it. If any of you have experience in this area, let me know if you think its do-able. I’m a fast learner and EXTREMELY determined if that makes any difference in my ability to make this into my dream couch. I’m pretty in love with it but it’s rather pricy. After looking online I found one that was cheaper (including shipping) and a bit larger (which would be nice for my living room). Hmm… Opinions?

Anyways! Saturday evening I FINALLY tried The Chicago Diner. I went with my handsome friend Clinten and his pretty friend Megan (we were an attractive bunch, no doubt).
It was DELICIOUS! It’s a vegan restaurant (meat free since 83) with a menu that a carnivore would love. Their milkshakes are heaven and I’ve never tasted a better sweet potato french fry. The best part is that it’s super healthy so I didn’t feel guilty about anything I ate. I will definitely be back!

After dinner we wandered through a few sex shops nearby. I am always really entertained by these stores because they sell some seriously ridiculous stuff (vagina drinking straws anyone?). We giggled like children at all the crazy merchandise in the stores. One of the other stores we looked in (not a sex shop) had the most amazing vintage section. I cannot wait to go back when I have more time so I can try things on.


I didn’t get much sleep Saturday night (my roomies had people over and our kitchen is echoes like CRAZY so it was loud in the apartment) so I woke up a little grumpy. Luckily, my friend Lauren called me and brightened everything right up! She came over and we got lunch at Hannah’s Bretzel then checked out the Blues Fest in Grant Park.
Lo @ Blues Fest
There was great music and so much people watching I could hardly contain myself. I love all these free festivals this summer and can’t wait to go to more of them. They’re crowded and insane but really fun :). I finished off my Sunday night with some leftover Chili (yumm) and homework.

I missed you all and am really excited to be back to regular posting. And don’t worry, I’ve been keeping up on your blogs so I’m not tooooo far out of the loop ;).


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