Five Goal Challenge


Do any of you make to-do lists? I know that I do. I basically plan my life around my to-do lists. The problem with my lists is that I get a little overwhelmed by them sometimes. I have a master to-do list that includes tasks that need to be done immediately, things that I need to finish within a week, and things that I’d like to do when I have the time. In order to make my list more effective, I decided to break it down day by day. So every morning when I wake up, I make a to-do list with FIVE goals. They are the five things I HAVE to get done that day. This condensed list is a lot more manageable than my giant list so I’ve actually been getting a lot of things done!

Today’s goals, for example, are as follows:
1) Turn in psychology homework
2) Mop apartment
3) Write one paragraph of my internship paper
4) Mail Clueless back to Netflix
5) Finish cleaning up storage unit

The key to actually tackling your 5 goals is to mix tough goals with ones that are simple. I wouldn’t want to put 5 time-consuming goals on the same day because, realistically, I wouldn’t be able to cross them all off. On days when I don’t have to work, I’ve found that three bigger goals and two easier goals is the perfect balance. Days with work I flip that ratio and sometimes I even do four easier goals and only one big goal. You have to find what works for you though :).

This is part of my happiness project. Kind of a combination of my “get it done early” and “do it” resolutions. I’ve had some projects hanging over my head for over a year now and the only reason I don’t do them is because I feel so guilty for not having completed them yet. That’s dumb. They stress me out and I have trouble doing other fun things without feeling guilty because I know I should be getting those projects finished. AH! It’s an awful cycle. So it feels great to finally be conquering my list :).

I noticed after I suggested the Happiness Project that quite a few of you took interest. I wanted to give a shout out to Ashley who conquered her closet, Kate who has started a new feature (Happiness Thursday’s) to help keep her resolutions, and Angie who has been working her way through the book. Who else has picked up the book? I love that so many of you were inspired to read it :)!! If you’ve blogged about it, let me know and I’ll link to you as well.


4 thoughts on “Five Goal Challenge

  1. Naomi–I've actually never been there! Thanks for sharing it with me :). I'll have to check it out!Kenzie–I'd love to have you on the Happiness Bandwagon with me :)Kristin–It's surprising how much more effective it makes your to-do lists! I'm getting so much more done. Let me know how it goes for you!

  2. Such a good idea! I'm a chronic list-maker and sometimes I get caught up in all of the lists I have going on. Definitely going to have to try breaking it down into 5 daily goals :)

  3. I will be making a trip out to Barnes and Noble one of these days soon (it's a whole day thing for me as it takes a 45 minute drive to get there.. small town life!) and most likely picking it up! I feel like it would definitely help me make some changes that I need right now! Then I'll probably hop on the Happiness Bandwagon with you!

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