Weekend Update

I woke up on Friday and realized that it was GORGEOUS outside. I was in a fabulous mood because I was well-rested and coming off a great day at work on Thursday. I decided that since I really didn’t have anything planned that I would be a tourist. I walked to water tower (which is actually kind of a hike from where I live) and shopped a bit. I didn’t buy anything but I had a blast anyways. On my way home, I stopped in a DELICIOUS sandwich shop. It deserves its own post. It was THAT good. Friday was a seriously wonderful day. Let’s tally it up, shall we? 1) Got great news from work. 2) Won a giveaway for a beautiful vintage necklace (I’ll post about it when it arrives). 3) FINALLY got my kitchenaid stand mixer. It is beautiful. I used it immediately which brings us to…. 4) I made key lime pie. I’ve never made pie before so I feel pretty accomplished. It is delicious. 5) The weather was FINALLY nice and I took advantage of it. 6) I got sleep. Ummm that’s six great things in one day. If that’s not a record for the Happiness Project books then I don’t know what is!

Another lazy day :). Again, it was pretty freaking gorgeous outside so I threw on my swimsuit, grabbed a giant slice of pie, and laid out on the roof of my building reading Bright, Shiny, Morning. I ended up hanging out up there basically all day. It was fabulous! When the sun went down, I came back inside and scrubbed the apartment. It’s squeaky clean now!

I made some fabric wall art for my living room. I’m in the process of completely redecorating my apartment which is a blast :). I used this tutorial from How About Orange and made this cuteee little house printed art. I’m obsessed with it. Also, I got the go-ahead from my condo’s owner to paint. I. Am. Psyched. This week is dedicated to picking out colors, couch shopping, and figuring out how to move the TV… Also figuring out how to buy a TV.

Finally, it’s Day Three of the photo challenge and today’s prompt is to post a photo that makes you happy.
A picture that makes you smile
This picture is olddd but it never fails to make me smile.

I hope your weekend was wonderful :).

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