Book Suggestions

Over the weekend I finished two books. One is an old favorite and the other is a sociological book that I found to be absolutely fascinating.

Bright, Shiny, Morning

I’ve already read this… I’ve already raved about how much I love it. But I’m going to rave one more time. This book is incredible. It’s such a powerful image of the American dream. James Frey weaves together four main stories of various people all pursuing their variation of the American dream in Los Angeles. Their stories are interspersed with LA facts and figures and smaller stories about all of the characters you would find in LA. It’s wonderful and captivating and one of my absolute all-time favorite books. Read it now.


This book is also a GREAT book. I’m going to do a response post on some specific parts of the book (hopefully later this week) but for now I’d like to encourage you to pick it up. Laura Sessions Stepp explores young women and their contribution to/participation in the hook-up culture. I found this book to be extremely powerful and informative. Ladies, I’m sure you’re familiar with the scene. The book examines my generations detachment from meaningful relationships and infatuation with meaningless sex (is it really all that meaningless?) and wraps it all up in a way that has kept me thinking about it long after turning the last page. I think any mother with a daughter and all girls from the ages of 12 and up (specifically 12-30) should absolutely read this.

I have a horrible habit of reading 10-12 books at a time so I’m trying to finish the books I’ve started before moving on to new titles. Hopefully I’ll have some more reviews to bring you soon as I finish off my current stack of books :).

What have you been reading recently?

8 thoughts on “Book Suggestions

  1. I have read his other books and really enjoyed both of them. This one isn't like the other two except for his writing style–no paragraphs, punctuation, etc. He's so great though!!I'll have to check that book out :)!

  2. I'm adding both of these books to my list! I love James Frey, have you read any of his other books? A Million Little Pieces is awesome! I'm currently reading: Same Kind of Different As Me. It's wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions!! As for Bright, Shiny, Morning–it's a novel not a memoir so the issue of whether or not its true kind of flies right out the window. It's a fantastic book :)

  4. hey baby girl, I'm a huge reader and am always reading.. I'm having a hard getting myself to read James Frey books, since it came out that he lied about the first one. I hate liars. But I might, since you love it. I finished The Tin Box by Holly Kennedy, for the 3rd time (LOVE HER). Its one of the greatest stories. Check it out. I am currently into Confessions of a Prairie Bitch. by Alison Arngrim. From Little House on The Prairie. So far, very funny. If you want more titles, let me know!! Happy Reading!Luv Amanda

  5. You're tellin me! My book list is unending. By the time I finish one I've added like 5 more to my list. Let me know if you get around to reading them :)! I'd love to hear what you think.

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