Weekend Update

It’s that time again, a weekend update! Really this whole week might end up being sort of an update. I’m horribly behind on my 30 day picture challenge, still have some posts from my trip home in MAY, and haven’t shared at all about my time with my mama and trip to Ohio over 4th of July weekend. When did I become such a forgetful blogger!? Hopefully I’ll be able to get all caught up and get everything back on schedule again by the end of the week :). For now though, let’s just fill you in on what I did with my weekend, eh!?


I dropped my mom off the airport, bought about a zillion dollars worth of groceries since I had a car and didn’t have to carry them home, then bought a ton of paint.

Dropped my car back off at my brother’s school so I didn’t have to pay a small fortune for parking anymore. I found an AMAZING vintage shop at the train station but was too poor to afford anything (even the $2 bracelets) so I just looked. When I got back home, I taped off my living room and started painting it. It is GORGEOUS so far. I’m going to post photos when its finished but you can see a sneak peek up above. There are BIG changes happening in this little apartment of mine!

Woke up bright and early, put a second coat of paint on the walls and tackled the piles of homework that are due today. I only have SIX days left of summer school and I am beyond thrilled. I cannot wait to be done. These classes have been the death of me. I have the apartment to myself for a few days so I’m cherishing my quiet time and how clean everything is. Yup, the little things in life realllllly do make all the difference.

How was your weekend!?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Amanda-Your wall looks great!! I'm so flattered that you were inspired by me :)Ashley–did you get anything from the craft festival!? That sounds like a great weekend

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