The Gay Beach

In my weekend update on Monday I mentioned that I had spent my day Sunday at the Gay beach. Perhaps you were unaware that such a place existed? Please, let me share.

As a student in an art school, I have had the privilege of meeting some awesome gay friends. What you may not know is that the gay community has all of these cool places to hang out that straight people are oblivious to. Example A, the gay beach. The first time I went was at the beginning of summer last year. I went in May so it was FREEZINGG in the water but I still had a blast hanging out on the beach.
(last year)
Since it’s been HOT HOT HOT outside this past weekend, I was thrilled when my roommate invited me to the beach to celebrate her birthday. My friends Clinten and Megan picked us up and off we went. The water was actually REALLY refreshing this time and I had so much fun making friends with all the people around me on the beach.
(me and the birthday girl)
(Clinten and I recreating our picture from last year)
(Clinten and Megan in their matching sunglasses)

At one point Cass, Clinten, and I went on a little walk. We stopped to take some pictures and this creepy man jumped in to one then got all up in my personal space and asked if the three of us would be interested in participating in an orgy with him. Hmm…. that’s a no…..

By far, the most interesting individual of the day was this guy…
He came to the beach with TWENTY-ONE costume changes and I saw WAY more of his anatomy than I ever needed to see. However, it was so hilarious that I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures.
At one point, he shouted “IT’S SEVEN O’EIGHT BITCHES! I DON’T HAVE TO WEAR CLOTHES ANYMORE” then proceeded to strip off everything except for this mesh thong situation. Then he sprinted towards the water. This was my view…
It was a fabulous day and I think I’ve got some pretty attractive friends if I do say so myself :).

7 thoughts on “The Gay Beach

  1. Danielle, Naomi, and little: Cassandra's suit is from Victoria's secret. All the gays on the beach were in love with it too :))! And I agree, that guy was hilarious. A woman said she was going to call the cops if he kept exposing himself and he got SO angry then proceeded to put on a kilt and scream at her until we left hahaCourtney: Chicago IS the best!! Never a dull moment ;)

  2. That's HILARIOUS! I got stuck in the middle of a huge strike in California where a TON of people were protesting a gay marriage ban that had been passed (or something having to do with gay marriage. It's been a while). Anyways, it was so much fun and such an interesting experience so I completely understand how you feel. Also, I'm completely jealous that you got to see the friends building. That's my favorite show :)

  3. Oh my! hahah LOVE that guy with the costume changes! Your friends are simply beautiful. So are you! I gotta tell you, I took my daughter, Madi to New York a few years ago. We went to Greenwich Village in search for the exterior building that was used for the Friends Show. You know with the red awning? Well, while searching, we got stuck, literally stuck in some parade. There was tons of people around and some were …. naked! I was so confused. Then I realized.. It was a GAY PRIDE PARADE. I didn't know if I should cover my eyes or Madi's! But it turned out to be a huge highlight of the trip. Awesome people. We sat and watch them all go by. Even saw a woman fight with a cop. It was wild and I sure got an education. And we did find that building and took some photos and got back on the subway, all with our eye brows in our hairline.

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