Great Day in Ikea

So I mentioned in my weekend update that I went to Ikea. I had such a fun day and I wanted to share pictures :).

I love going to Ikea because it’s sort of like testing out a bunch of different lifestyles…

We tested out beds in comfy, city-like apartments.
Testing Beds
And tried out the lifestyle of people who own fainting couches.
Fainting Chair
We tried out some pretty sweet bath accessories.
Eric & Jason
And took obligatory mirror pictures in a pretend bathroom that looks like it belongs in a swanky bachelor pad.
Ikea Bathroom Pictures ;)
Then we decided that the style that fit us best was the style we already had :). Feeling confident in ourselves, we finished our trip with a delicious snack and lots of shared smiles.
My "Selling Smile"
Eric and Me
Ikea treats
Needless to say, Ikea makes me a happy girl.
Big Smile
Do you enjoy shopping with friends? I truly do and then when I got home, I was met with this gorgeous view out my living room window.
Pretty View from my Apartment
My life can be pretty great. I’m really thankful for everything that I have :)



8 thoughts on “Great Day in Ikea

  1. Naomi: Yes!! It's a romper (WOW that would be a really short dress!!) Thank you :). I love hanging out in stores to get away from the heat as well :))!

  2. this looks like such a fun day! I love adventuring around in stores, it's a good way to pass the time when it's so hot out like it's been lately. oh! and cute romper…at least I think it's a romper haha :D

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