DIY No-Sew Jersey Bolero

This DIY started off as something completely different (which I’ll show you in a different tutorial!) and ended up in something super cute and SO EASY.
DIY Bolero
I really love wearing tank tops. I have them in every color of the rainbow from Forever 21 ($2 each woo!) but sometimes I want to dress them up a little bit. I don’t have many cardigans because I’m really picky about the way they fit so I’m always trying to find other ways to add a little bit of interest to them. This is PERFECT and so so easy to make.
DIY Bolero
What you’ll need:
-Jersey fabric (I’d get a yard just to be on the safe side)
DIY Bolero
How to do it:
1) Fold your fabric in half and cut it into a half circle. I put pins in mine before I cut it so it would be more even.
No Sew Bolero
2) While the fabric is still folded in half, cut another smaller half circle out of the middle of the fabric.
No Sew Bolero
3) Take the pins out (if you used them) and put your arms through the cutout in the center (like you’re putting on a backpack). THAT’S IT! You could cut two arm holes if you’d prefer but you’ll get a little bit of a different look for the finished product.

Have fun you DIYers.

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