Weekend Update

This weekend was full of good friends, good hair, and good food!!

I spent the day getting things done around my apartment. Because of the thousands of extra people in the city for lollapalooza my weekend was confined to places where I didn’t have to fight the masses of drunk hipsters. I got dinner with one of my favorite chicago friends at one of my favorite Chicago restaurants, Hackney’s. Alex and I had a blasty blast eating the same exact meal (water, grilled cheese, mashed potatoes, and a split order of onion rings). We had a great ladies night! After dinner with Alex, I got to see one of my favorite friends from home, Mr. Stephen Frost! He was in town all weekend for Lolla and I’m so happy that I got to spend a bit of time with him :)!!

I woke up bright and early and cooked some yummy breakfast for myself. I got all dolled up, tried a new way of wearing a scarf (and LOVED IT, see photo above) then grabbed lunch with Stephen and two of his friends from MIT–all of whom were fabulous company. After lunch I headed off to wicker park to get some yarn (I’ve been knitting again) and visit my friends who just moved over there. Their apartment is GORGEOUS and GIANT and I was drooling over the many ways it could be decorated. Then, because they’re all boys, we spent an hour or so playing N64. Ohhh yes. It was fabulous and I was terrible at it. My friend Jason killed all of us, Eric came in second, and Matt (who is just PRECIOUS!) came in third. It was a joke how low my score was compared to the rest of them. In my defense, I’ve never played Mario Party before! If we were playing Mario Kart it would have been a different story. I’m awesome at Mario Kart :).

I finished off my weekend in a lazy way. I had plans with an old friend but they fell through so I spent my day crafting and cleaning and baking zucchini bread (which is one of the most delicious breads I’ve ever eaten).

I had a pretty relaxing weekend and feel so blessed to have spent time with so many wonderful people! Today I’m grabbing lunch with yet another lovely friend then I’m going to try and go to the doctor. If you follow me on twitter you’ve probably heard me complaining about my bug bites. Wellll the ones on my ankle are REALLY swollen and painful so I feel like I need to get it checked out. Yikes! Hopefully it’s just a bad allergic reaction :).

How did all of you spend your weekend!?


5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Sarah: Thank you!!! Your weekend sounds AWESOME! I love decorating :)Little: How was captain america!? The commercials look good!! Thanks for sharing!

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