Mint, Mozarella, and Tomatoes

I’m a serious impulse shopper in terms of groceries. It’s really a dangerous habit. I have a tough time going grocery shopping and coming home with ONLY the things that are on my list. For example, my chili feta adventure stemmed from an impulse buy. So the other day while I was at Trader Joe’s, I stumbled upon a cute box of heirloom tomatoes and couldn’t resist buying them ($2, come on!)

Once I got them home I realized I had no idea what I was going to do with them. I’m not big on salad so I couldn’t mix them in with some greens and I didn’t have any recipes in mind that would make use of the little guys. I’ve been watching a TON of the cooking channel recently and as a result, have had some serious mozzarella cravings. All of the sudden, I knew what to do with my tomatoes!

Tomato & Mint

What you’ll need:
-cherry tomatoes, halved
-mozzarella medallions, cubed
-chopped fresh mint
-salt & pepper

How to do it:

Throw everything in a bowl then season with salt and pepper to taste. I didn’t give you any exact measurements because it’s really just a taste thing. I was craving mozzarella so I put a TON of it in but you might not be feelin’ that. I used about a tablespoon of mint (maybe a bit more?) and that was just enough for me. Trust your instincts!

Tomato & Mint

My only bit of advice is that this should be served/eaten right after its prepared. For some reason my leftovers were really not as good as the original dish. Oh well, lesson learned!


6 thoughts on “Mint, Mozarella, and Tomatoes

  1. Naomi: ahhh my mouth is watering! I love making simple dishes that people can build on and all of your suggestions sound so delicious!Rachel: Isn't trader joe's just the best? I don't know how I ever lived without it really…

  2. YUM! I *love* all of those ingredients haha. I think it might be good with a little bit of olive oil drizzled over it, too. Or substitute basil for mint if you're not in a minty mood. Oh the possibilities!

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