Guess what I picked up again?

After almost a year of no knitting, I’ve been craving the needles again…the knitting needles that is :).

I FINALLY figured out a game plan for my blanket that I’m hoping to knit before my birthday and I’m working on executing it! Knitting is so cathartic for me and I’m really glad that I’m able to enjoy it again. I burnt myself out in the preparations for my etsy store last year so I definitely needed to take a break.

Are any of you knitters? What do you do to relax? I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday evening.


10 thoughts on “Guess what I picked up again?

  1. Go you! Knitting is such a skill! I tried to knit a scarf once, I started with 10 rows (I think that's what they're called) and ended with 18 – still not sure how I managed to grow it in both length and width… Your blanket looks as though it's coming along nicely – good luck on your plan :)

  2. Courtney! I feel the same way about your crocheting. You always talk about a project then post the result like a day later and it's always gorgeous. We need to get together so you can teach me how to make granny squares! In exchange I can give you smiles and any knitting knowledge I have :)

  3. I'm so happy that you are knitting again! You seem to always complete a project so quickly. I'm too tense / tight with knitting needles so I've since switched to crochet but someday I will finish the project that is sitting on my needles.

  4. Ilene- I feel like you'd love knitting. It's easy to learn. Just YouTube it!Kate- yarn is one of my biggest weaknesses! I love having a giant stash of gorgeously colored yarn. Good to know I'm not alone there :)Amyrose- Scarves get a bad rep! Whenever I tell someone I'm knitting a scarf they seem bored but scarves are awesome because they knit up quickly and are extremely useful! Share pictures when you're finished!!

  5. I'd love to be a dedicated knitter but i just could never get into it. saying that, i'd still like a cute display of pretty coloured yarns to sit and look at ;)

  6. You can definitely make it happen :). I'm excited about my blanket too! I hope I can finish it in time to cross it off my list of birthday goals! (I'm crazy…)

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