Weekend Update

I shall dub this weekend… THE WEEKEND OF FOOD. I swear to god, the only thing I remember from the past few days is eating. And this morning? This morning I’m going to work out so I don’t gain a ton of weight from all the eating I did.

(cheesy tourist pose)

My dad was in town so we spent the day together on Friday before he headed back to Arizona. I haven’t seen him since May so I was really excited! We started the day by grabbing lunch from Haute Sausage then we wandered through Chicago taking tons of pictures. We finished our day off with an Epic Burger and some Bill Burr. It was great!

I woke up reallllly early and headed out to Green City Market. I picked up tons of beautiful fresh food then came home on a mission to prepare it. I made some pico de gallo (recipe tomorrow), finished eating my zucchini bread, and then had some leftover asian for an early dinner. About an hour later, I headed over to my lovely friend Alex’s apartment for a delicious zucchini, squash, and mushroom pesto pasta with some yummy red wine. We chatted, listened to old school Kanye, and were generally awesome. It’s okay if you’re jealous…

I woke up early again because I wanted to get to church. This week, the message was mercy. Actually, the message was about Harry Potter, but the takeaway was that you should be merciful. It was awesome and, once again, just what I needed to hear. I am really excited I found a home church here that is SO accepting and relevant. The rest of the day was a little bit lazy. I tried to make a cheesecake (didn’t go so well) and ate lots more. My dad’s best friend (and my god father!) is in town staying at a hotel really close to me so I met him for some AMAZING dinner and I’m still full as I’m typing this (it’s been a solid 13 hours since I ate…).

Chicago is such an amazing place for food. Do any of you live in great food cities too?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Your weekend sounds amazingly delicious! Saturday's dinner is making my mouth water! My boyfriend started raising bee's this year, so we "jarred" 7 gallons of honey yesterday! I think I'm still full from taste testing :).

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