The Great Gatsby and the Best Sandwich in the World

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have an undying love for sandwiches. Almost all of my favorite restaurants serve sandwiches but I rarely make them myself. Some of the magic is just taken away from a homemade sandwich…

Having said that, I think it’s also important for you to know that I spend a lot of my time and money on eating sandwiches from my favorite restaurants. One restaurant that makes truly extraordinary sandwiches is Bourgeois Pig.

I’ve eaten here countless times in the past and generally drag all visitors there to eat with me as well. I’ve thought long and hard about what makes these sandwiches so exquisite and I really can’t choose just one part. Everything from the names (many are named after classic books) to the atmosphere (feels like a quaint home and has a fabulous patio) contributes to the deliciousness of the food served at Bourgeois Pig.

Let me describe for you, The Great Gatsby.
Bourgeois Pig
The bread is fresh and has this incredible texture and flavor–lightly toasted to give you a bit of crunch. But that’s just the beginning. Take the first bite of the sandwich and you’re hit with a burst of flavor! Gooey, melted cheese stretching across spinach, turkey, and tomatoes. To give the sandwich an extra flavor dimension, it is slathered with pesto and a hint of mayo. But it gets better! The sandwich is finished off with sliced avocado and crumbled bacon. Seriously, this sandwich is HEAVEN.

I made my roommate go with me and now it’s become our roommate date place. We go, get two Great Gatsby sandwiches, and chat about life. It’s honestly some of the only quality time we ever spend together and it’s awesome.

Bourgeois Pig

Do you have a special restaurant where you go to catch up with your friends? I love food traditions :)!

5 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby and the Best Sandwich in the World

  1. Malori, If you ever go to Aspen, which you will LOVE, go to a sandwich shop called Grateful Dead on Main St. I had a similar sandwich to the Great Gatsby and it is still one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. The second I go back, that's where I'm heading!Love, Emilybtw, I'm following you on twitter haha

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