Summer Goals

As an avid goal-setter, I can’t say anyone will be surprised to know that I set some summer goals for myself. Since it’s summer I kept them somewhat minimal, but I’m happy to say that as of last week, I accomplished all of them!

1) Eat at Haute Sausage (or any food truck)

My dad and I ate at Haute Sausage and I’m happy to say I was pleased with my first food truck experience! I got half of a Boerewors Chakalaka (YUMM!) and half of another one that isn’t listed on their site so I’m not sure which one is was anymore. I’ve been really excited about this sausage truck all summer so I’m glad I finally got the chance to eat there!

2) Go to the beach
I went to the beach a couple times and I hope to make it out a few more times before the cold settles in. You can read about one of the beach trips here.

3) Decorate my apartment
Cropped Living Room
I can’t wait to start sharing the tour with you! I’m so close to being finished and I absolutely love the new look of my home. It doesn’t even look like the same place that I lived last year :)!

4) Get straight A’s in summer school

Online classes are a LOT of work. I remember when I first blogged about the idea of taking online classes in the summer and one of you lovely readers warned me that they were very difficult. I appreciate that warning because it was totally accurate. The classes kicked my ass and took an extraordinary amount of work and time but I’m happy to say I finished with straight A’s!

5) Get an internship

I love my internship! I get to do all sorts of fun stuff and this job just strengthened my belief that marketing is the career for me. Sometimes I wish I was creative enough to support myself with fashion design (or any sort of crafty career) but it’s just not my calling! I’ll always be able to explore creativity on the side AND I’ll still love my job. That’s lucky.

Did any of you set summer goals? Did you accomplish all of them!? I’d love to hear what you got done during the fabulously warm months.


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