Touring my City

I live in an amazing city, and I feel like I’ve been taking it for granted. Now that I only have a year left, I’m determined to be a tourist in my city and soak up as much Chicago as possible! My dad was in town this weekend to help my brother move in to college for his senior year. He saved some time to hang out with me (his only daughter and favorite child) so we spent some time wandering around the city and taking pictures. I’ll split this into two posts so it’s not so image heavy!

Vietnam Memorial Chicago

Our first stop was the Vietnam War Memorial. I walk over the bridge where this is located EVERY SINGLE DAY on my way to work or to buy groceries and I never knew it existed. We just happened to see a sign requesting that you not bring your pets into the memorial, otherwise I would still have no idea it was there.

River Walk Chicago

Vietnam Memorial Chicago

This is another spot in Chicago that is extremely peaceful (the other location that is extremely peaceful is the Graceland Cemetery). Sometimes all I want is a quiet moment amidst all the chaos here. Those of you who live in a city will understand this, I’m certain. The hustle and bustle is fun but sitting in a serene place in the midst of all that chaos is really about as good as it gets!

Vietnam Memorial Chicago

Vietnam Memorial Chicago

On the ground they had this timeline of the war with significant battles and operations laid out. It was a really interesting and a unique way of looking at the war.

Do any of you live in big cities? Do you agree that finding quiet places in the middle of the noise and hustle of the city is like gold? I’d love to hear your experiences so I feel less insane :)


2 thoughts on “Touring my City

  1. i used to always think San Diego was a big city. but after living here for 5 years… its quite small. I've just started playing tourist this past year. It's a great thing and I need to take more advantage of all that San Diego does have to offer.

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