Whole Foods Mediterranian Burger

On my way home from work the other day I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a little something for dinner. They always have a really delicious looking meat case (is that how you phrase that..?) but that night it was exceptionally awesome!
Med. Burger
They had all of these fancy hamburgers (and turkey burgers) prepared and ready for the grill. I picked up the Mediterranean Burger with feta, arugula, and red onion in it. I also bought some spinach and swiss to add to my finished burger.
Med. Burger
It ended up being pretty dern delicious. I also picked up a swiss and portobello burger which was equally tasty.

When you all stop by the store for a quick dinner, what type of food do you gravitate towards? I know the normal inclination is for freezer food but even when I’m feeling lazy I still like to eat fresh!

I’m also curious if any of you have a go-to burger recipe. I grew up on pretty straight-forward burgers and never even thought of mixing ingredients into them to fancy them up. How do you do your burgers?


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