Mal’s Meals

This week food for $40 is trying out a new name. I’m still working out the kinks so the name thought it wanted to try something a little different as well :). I liked the format of last week’s menu so I decided to stick with that again. Any suggestions are welcome as I’d like to make it easy for you all to eat well on a budget!

Mal's Meals


Crispy Potato Roast

(perfect for this chilly weather and will stock you up with TONS of leftovers!!)

Peppers with Onion and Sausage*
(one of my favorites! Serves two with leftovers for another night’s dinner)

Salt and Pepper Spaghetti
(So simple yet so so so delicious)

Pasta with leftover peppers/onion/sausage
(easy enough. Cook up some pasta and pour your heated leftovers on top of it. Yum!)


Get creative with your eggs, people! You will most likely have some leftover potatoes from your potato roast so use them in your breakfast!!

As always, use your leftovers to craft some lunches. If you’re just cooking for yourself, this should be easy!!

Tip of the week:
Make large portions of your dinners then use the leftovers for lunch at the office (or school) the next day. Eating out for lunch five days a week really adds up. You can save almost $60 a week by eating leftovers for lunch!!

Grocery List:
-3 bell peppers in varying colors (I usually grab red and yellow)
-2 french rolls
-1 pkg. sweet italian sausage
-1 onion
-4 lbs. russet potatoes
-4 shallots
-8 sprigs thyme
-4 oz. Pecorino Romano cheese

note: always check your cabinets for ALL ingredients before going grocery shopping. I did not include pantry staples (such as butter, olive oil, dry pasta, and spices) in the grocery list because I am working under the assumption that most people have these things on hand.

Enjoy your food this week!


*I don’t think I’ve ever shared this recipe so I’ll explain it really quickly. Dice all of your ingredients (the three peppers and the onion) and cut your sausage links into 1/2in. slices. Throw them all onto the stove over medium heat and cook until the peppers are tender–stirring occasionally. When they peppers are tender, scoop a bit of it onto a french roll and you’ve got yourself an awesome sandwich.

5 thoughts on “Mal’s Meals

  1. Happy Blogtoberfest! Really like the look of your blog – following now – THIS is why I love Blogtober… ;)And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to investigate this potato roast of which you speak!

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