The A-Z of my Blog Roll

One blog that I read consistently, Four-Eyes Rella, took a different spin on the whole “A-Z” craze going on right now. If you’ve never stopped by her blog you should definitely do so because she is hilarious and I laugh out loud almost every time she posts something new. Anyways, I was inspired by her take on the A-Z so I decided I’d do it myself :). So here we go kids, the A-Z of my blog roll…

A: An Eclectic Heap. I’ve only been following her blog for a few days but this girl has some serious style. She’s young but so pulled together and eloquent. She’s going far in life and she’s doing it dressed like a 10.

B: Bleubird Vintage posts the best “What we wore” images. They’re so playful! And everyone in Miss. James’s family is so well-dressed. Lovee it

C: RubyEllen from Cakies is the best mom ever. If you read her blog I think you’ll agree. She threw an awesome breakfast birthday party for her 1-year-old earlier this year and inspired me to throw my own breakfast party for my 21st in a few weeks. I love just about everything she does.

D: D is for Design Love Fest and Bre’s awesome outfit posts.

E: This isn’t a blog but I didn’t have an “E” so I’ll send you over to Emerson Made. Their little black dress has my heart.

F: Fancy Grilled Cheese. I’ve bookmarked a ton of fancy grilled cheese recipes recently and my desire to fancify my grilled cheese doesn’t appear to be waning anytime in the near future. You can try this recipe, or maybe one of these are more to your liking?

G: Grosgrain is a great blog. She posts all kinds of fabulous DIY’s, sewing patterns, and fun facts that are useful in day-to-day life. Also, if you officially follow her you get all kinds of exclusive content. I feel like a VIP over there.

H: Hey Miss. At always makes me giggle. Miss. At is a teacher and likes to post the silly things her students say. My mom is a teacher and a good friend of mine is also a teacher so I like to imagine that their days are full of these sorts of shenanigans.

I: I Will Not Eat Oysters is such a great foodie blog. I reallly want to make this kimchi fried rice.

J: Food in Jars is one of my favorite blogs, and I don’t even know why. I do not can anything…ever… and I’m really not all that fond of jams and marmalades. However, this blog is photographed beautifully and I have tons of her recipes bookmarked for that day I learn how to can things. Maybe I’ll start with this?

K: Keiko Lynn has some fierce style and makes me want to try harder with my hair and makeup. How fierce is this lady’s lipstick? I’m obsessed.

L: Little girl in the kitchen is a food blog of a little girl…in the kitchen. I saw her on a feature on the cooking channel and was instantly obsessed. Her recipes look fantastic and she’s just the cutest little thing. Right now she’s spending a year in France studying cooking. How cool is that!?

M: Dana Made it. Do you like to sew? Do you like to pretend like you sew (this is the category I fall into because I have no time)? Dana posts the greatest tutorials for home sewers and she also posts some wonderful recipes. I love her blog!

N: No blog here, check out “O”!

O: So Organized. Soup Organized, to be exact. If you’ve never heard of Things Organized Neatly you’re missing out (and probably live under a rock because it’s really trendy right now).

P: We all want to learn how to be better photographers, right? Well… I do at least. Jake is an awesome photographer and he’s dropping some serious knowledge (after I wrote that I realized he tags these posts with “dropping knowledge. Ha!! Glad we’re on the same page there). Go and learn things.

Q: Quite a pickle I’m in–trying to find a “Q” blog…

R: Reagan’s Blob. I have mentioned her blog soo many times but I couldn’t leave it out of my alphabet. I freaking love her. She is a hairstylist (and has another cool blog where she teaches you how to do a little bit of what she does), a great mama, an optimist, and a hilarious woman.

S: Spoon. Fork. Bacon. Just found this blog a few days ago but I’m obsessed. Visually the site is fabulous and the recipes all keep saying “Hey Mal, I want you to make me so I can make your belly happy”. Who am I to say no?

T: Triumphs and Blunders of a Kooky Gal is another one of my favorite blogs. Chelsea doesn’t post all that often but when she does it’s always something great and inspirational.

U: Under Peach Trees is the blog of one of my lovely sponsors. She is musically inclined, loves photography, and has a cute little blog. Definitely check her out!

V: Verameat. Not a blog but some seriously cool jewelry. My favorites are the rings.

W: Wit and Whistle is a lovely read. From the clean aesthetic to the fresh recipes to the great fashion posts to her sweet shop full of cards and journals everything that goes on over there brings a smile to my face.

X: I couldn’t come up with anything for the letter X. Any suggestions?!

Y: You Will, Won’t You? is the blog of fellow Columbia College Alum Courtney. She was one of my very first readers and hers is one of the first blogs I followed. I love her makeup posts, her photography, her great crochet skills, and her honesty. She is very blunt and I LOVE it. It’s refreshing to see such honesty in the blog world.

Z: I’m at a loss for a “Z” as well. Hope you enjoyed my alphabet!!!


4 thoughts on “The A-Z of my Blog Roll

  1. You've listed quite a few blogs I've never visited, now I must! Oh, and I love "T" Chelsea's blog! She's so adorable! And off to check out Letter "J" as learned how to "can" things this year! Woot!

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