First things First…I’m 21

So my birthday was last Monday… My 21st birthday, in fact. Here’s how the magical day went (oh yeah, I just called it magical).

I woke up to this lovely display from my roomie…
birthday surprise
Seriously, how cute is that cookie jar? I’m obsessed/can not wait to fill it up with fresh baked goodies!
She also made me a yummy breakfast pizza so I snagged a few pieces of that while I read blogs and listened to some music.
Happy birthday cupcake
I had to run a few errands but when I got home my roommate and I suited up and headed off to a few thrift stores to grab supplies for my party (post on that tomorrow).

We found some great stuff, had lunch at our favorite sandwich shop (Bourgeois Pig) and got home in the early evening. We both crashed for a little nap then got all dressed up for dinner. Originally I had wanted to go to The Purple Pig but after over an hour of waiting and an extremely rude hostess we decided to try a different place–Volare. We were seated right away, I had my first glass of legal wine and we stuffed our faces with a Sausage, Pea, & Mushroom Risotto and a homemade tortellini with spicy tomato sauce. I highly recommend it! Great service, delicious food, and a great wine list.
present from Alex
(a sweet gift from my wonderful friend Alex. A cookbook and the cutest little measuring spoons. Sistuh knows me well :)!!)

I finished off my night with some more wine and a heart-to-heart with my roomie. It was such a nice and relaxing day which, for me, was perfect.

I believe most of my readers are older than me so I’d like to ask… How did you spend your 21st birthday? These stories are always so fun :). Leave it in the comments!


Thanks so much for your patience with me last week. Some time off was JUST what I needed. I also appreciate all of your birthday wishes–you all are so sweet!

10 thoughts on “First things First…I’m 21

  1. Just getting caught up on all the recent posts – you birthday looks like a hoot :)And brunch is my kinda party. Your hair looks great too!As for my milestone 'legal age' birthday, which is 19 in Ontario – I was at the time doing training before going to Africa for the year. The day was set by the program as a day of reflection and silence. Silence, the entire day, for me and everyone else in the program. So everyone was quiet all day, I had to email my mom to say why I couldn't be able to talk on the phone when she called, and the people in my program 'sang' to me in sign language, which was pretty cool. (sidenote, I never did get to go to Africa, because Sept 11th happened. I'll get there someday.)

  2. It's so wonderful to hear that your birthday was, well, practically perfect. Spending time with a great friend and relaxing and eating and legally drinking sounds all like quite a time. Hope my 21st turns out to be as sweet as yours… two more years though haha. I'm not sure if I even gave you a huge thank you for the sponsorship on your blog. Otherwise THANK YOU Malori for the opportunity to be apart of your blog for this month. :)-Lauren *The Loud Whisper*

  3. Happy Birthday! (I know, I'm late!)I absolutely love the little display your roomie left for you. So sweet! Annnnd… It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! :)For my 21st, my boyfriend and I went out for a nice dinner downtown. I think I celebrated with friends a few days later but I definitely kept my 21st pretty low-key.

  4. Joanne– Gambling AND club hopping!? Check you out :). Sounds like a classic 21st birthday celebration to me.Rae– It was a pretty great day!Courtney– Share the pictures!!! I would loveee to see. Old pictures are the best. It sounds like you had my kind of a birthday though. Low-key is the best.Naomi– So exciting! You should do something crazy to make up for how tame my birthday celebrations were.

  5. Ha! I guess I thought I would remember it like a milestone but now that it was 7 years ago I can't really recall. I assume I spent it with my boyfriend at the time doing the normal dinner and cocktails things.Man! Now I have to go dig through photographs and find out EXACTLY what I did!I know your day was amazing-write it down so you don't forget about it like me!

  6. i honestly don't remember much about my 21st bday, haha that must make me really old. I vaguely remember having dinner with the family at home with a few close friends and that was ok with me. A few weeks later we planned a trip to Las Vegas for my first LEGAL try at gambling and club hopping. Wow, time flies. I hope you had a fabulous birthday and many more fun times to come:)

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