Birthday Brunch

This post is going to be extremely image heavy–but in my opinion those are the best kinds of posts so enjoy :).

As you all know, I turned 21 about a week ago. Ever since I came across this blog post on Cakies I KNEW what I had to do for my birthday party. As I mentioned, I went thrifting on my actual day of birth in preparation for my little soiree. I picked up some pretty dishes and containers for my birthday brunch along with some ingredients for my pancakes.

I ended up baking a gorgeous cake which deserves its own post and feeding all of my friends piles of pancakes. It was the perfect celebration for my birthday–low key and full of people who love me.

Because I like to give credit where it is due I’ll note the following people who helped make this day happen. My friend Clinten did my hair and makeup and made me feel like an absolute princess. My roommate Megan helped me buy all the groceries and played along like a champ when I forced her to make everyone’s pancakes.

Are you all ready for the pictures now!? Good, me too :).

Jake and I
My friend Jake has been in my life since high school. He goes to school in Illinois as well and came over to help me celebrate!

Eric & I
My friend Eric is really sassy.
Eric & I

Birthday Cake
I get a little shy when people sing happy birthday to me.
Birthday Cake
That’s why I’m blushing like crazy in these pictures.
Birthday Cake

My friend Delaney eating a yummy pancake!
Schmeg--making pancakes

Mal, Meg, Brock
My older brother and his girlfriend also came out to help me celebrate :)!
Mal & Cody
My friend Cody–we met in math class my freshman year of college and bonded over the crazy kids in our class.
Heart Dress!
The back of my dress was the best part :).
Roommate Love
Kiss the cook?
Roommate love

Clinten & I
The man behind my hair. Speaking of which, if you live in Chicago and want someone wonderful to do your hair, I highly recommend Clinten. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll give you his salon’s info :).

Meg & I

Sorry about the excessive amount of pictures. If you want to see a lot more you can visit my flickr set from the party.

One more fun fact–the whole party people kept trying to get in each other pictures so they could be on the blog. It totally cracked me up. I kept hearing “I BETTER SEE THIS ON YOUR BLOG!” from my crazy friends. Hopefully everyone is content with the coverage ;).


10 thoughts on “Birthday Brunch

  1. Olivia– It was so much fun. None of my friends are morning people but they still seemed to enjoy all the pancake deliciousness ;)Court!!! Thanks woman :)Sharmaine– Thanks girl, it was a pretty great day.Courtney– You are so kind telling me I always look amazing. I'm so flattered :)! Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes.Ashley– thank youu!!!!!!

  2. 1. You look amazing (like that is ANYTHING new!)2. I'm so happy you had so much fun!3. I LOVE when you post lots of photos of you hanging with your friends-so fun!Once again. I hope you had the best birthday Mal!

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