I’m too busy

The other day an article titled “13 Signs You’re Too Busy” popped up in my inbox. After reading the 13 signs and realizing that all 13 of them were a problem in my life I started to think that it might be time to reevaluate how I’m living.

For those who are new around here, I’ll get you up to speed on my schedule. I work two days a week at an internship, am enrolled in 18 credit hours at school (all but one are major-specific classes), and I work part time for United Colors of Benetton. I frequently work/go to school 7 days a week and occasionally I have days when I work at both my internship and at Benetton.

I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes and saying something like “just wait till you have kids/a real job” but I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed right now and I’m finding that the overall quality in my life is going down. When I spend time with friends I don’t have a good time because I feel guilty not getting my work done. When I stay in on a Friday to do homework I am distracted because I’m very aware that this is my last year of college and I should try to be more social. At Benetton I’m often so stressed about homework that I have a tough time being a good salesperson and when I’m at my internship I’m constantly making to-do lists of tasks that must be done ASAP. Being this busy is just making me care less about the important things in life.

I wanted to sum this up by saying something like “I have a great plan to fix all of my problems and life is full of rainbows and butterflies” but I’m not really sure on this one! So I’m turning to all of you :). When you get TOO busy, how do you solve them problem? Generally my solution is to schedule everything so that I don’t feel guilty going out even though I have homework. But sometimes scheduling every minute of your life can just make downtime feel even more stressful!

Help! How do you all take it easy in the midst of a busy busy busy life?


4 thoughts on “I’m too busy

  1. First off, I think you're pushing yourself too hard! You've taken on a lot. That aside, I think you need to schedule a weekly night off. When I was in grad school (while working a full time and part time job) I tried to give myself one night off a week (usually Fridays). I had to work all day, but I decided that Friday nights I wouldn't even think about school. This gave me time to be social or just take a mental break. I planned around my night off, so I would be sure to get most of my school work done either the night before or the day after. If you can work this into your crazy busy schedule, I think it could help!

  2. I'm in the same boat. You are carrying a boat load right now. It's tough. But it's temporary. And that's what gets me through. Between working full-time plus over time, online classes and night school. the time for studying and meeting deadlines just flies by and stress comes by the truckload. BUT… school is over in two months for me. so although my life is one hectic mess of work stresses, homework, and packing in any "free" time with social activities to keep me sane… it's temporary. Just keep reminding yourself the same. :]

  3. The photo is lovely! Well, every time I feel overwhelmed and super busy I like to take a hot shower and massage my back under the water :) Or instead of drinking coffee I'd drink tea! Hope it helps! <3 Sharmaine Ruthunderpeachtrees.blogspot.com

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