Egg in a hole grilled cheese

Today I am in Lake Forest with my whole family. It’s been such a long time since we were all together – living across the country will do that to you. Today is the last home game is my brother’s college football career and is also parent weekend. I’m excited to watch the game with my little brother who will be making inappropriate comments while stringing together explanations of the game with profanities. The kid is a little crazy.

I know I’ve been absent this week but school has gotten pretty crazy. I’m working on two pretty substantial projects that are due Monday and Wednesday of this coming week so hopefully after that I’ll be back to full force here :).

Before I head out to the game, I thought I would leave you with a recipe to a perfect fall lunch – Egg in a hole grilled cheese.

egg in a hole grilled cheese

The process is pretty easy; cut a hole out of each side of your bread and fry eggs into it then make your grilled cheese like normal. I added some prosciutto to mine because I loveeee prosciutto and because the recipe calls for it but if you don’t eat meat you could definitely leave that part out.

Want to make your own? Head over here for the recipe. They’re addicting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Egg in a hole grilled cheese



4 thoughts on “Egg in a hole grilled cheese

  1. um, yum? I cannot believe I never thought of this. I like the tip about grating your cheese, I didn't know that but I'm totally going to try it. I'm nervous about scraping my egg-slice onto my other egg-slice…if I break the yolk I'll be so disappointed! Haha, but I guess I could just throw the whole mess onto the plate anyway and it would still be totally delicious :]

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