Wreaths, I hate them

Fun fact: I hate wreaths. I’m not sure what it is about them but I usually just feel like they’re tacky… Tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way? Anyways, imagine my surprise when I saw this collection of wreaths from Sur La Table and fell in LOVE. My favorite is the rosemary and bay wreath (its edible!) but all of these are just gorgeous. If I was allowed to hang things on my door I’d pick one of these up ASAP.

These kind of have me in a holiday mood. I’ll admit that I’m dying to set up my Christmas decorations but I’m holding out until after Thanksgiving…or at least trying to!!

You can see the rest of the wreaths here.


7 thoughts on “Wreaths, I hate them

  1. Kenzie – I totally would but my building doesn't allow any decorations in the hallways and a wreath would look a little silly hanging on my bedroom door lol.Claire – Do you have hooligans for neighbors!? I'd steer clear just to be on the safe side!Vic – So good to know I'm not alone!Emily – FIVE wreaths?! That's so many!! Where does she hang all of them??TJ – The waiting is so tough. I just want to deck my halls right now!Rae Veda – You could probably DIY one of these like a champ. I'd love to see it if you give it a try.

  2. i'm with you on the wreath front..i've never liked them. I think they're pretty, but would never actually hang one up. Probably because my mother is the queen of wreaths and we definitely have at least 5 in our house at all times! Maybe i'll show her these, so at least they'll be different :]

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL! And I hung up my wreath on my door with one of those command hooks that you can pull off easy. So yes, I am giving you a reason to buy one :) <3!

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