Old Goals, New Accomplishments

My birthday passed a while ago but I never got the chance to do a post about my goals from last year. I also haven’t had a chance to post about my birthday cake so we’ll see when I get around to making that post! Anywayss….

Birthday Cake
(makin’ wishes for the future!)

What’s funny about these goals is that I really didn’t complete too many of them. Not too far after my birthday I realized that I could graduate a year early if I put in the time/work so my schedule and goals drastically changed leaving less time for things like quilting and keeping up with my etsy store.

1) Read 25 Books
2) Sell 20 Handmade Items (4)
3) knit or crochet a blanket
4) Do one DIY from my bookmarks every month (aka 12 DIYs) (1), 2, 3, 4

5) write down one prayer a day
6) Participate in 12 activities that are out of my comfort zone
7) Spin a skein of my own yarn
8) Finish two embroidery projects
9) fill a sketchbook
10) sew something cute and fabulous in my spare time
11) Food Journal for One Month
12) Find a cute way to keep track of the completion of these goals
13) reach 250 blog followers

14) Save $1000
15) Come up with 5 original recipes and share them on the blog
16) Paint 5 pictures
17) Make a Quilt
18) Host two giveaways on blog
19) Start offering sponsorships on blog

20) Take two cooking classes
21) crochet something from a pattern

Bonus Goals
1) Advertise Sunday Morning Sugar on a high traffic blog.
2) Start making a bucket list

I don’t want to do a whole rundown so I’ll just say that I’m really proud of the things I did accomplish! The skirt I made over the summer qualifies as both “cute” and “fabulous”, all of the books I read were great, and I’m shocked I was actually able to save some money even though I didn’t have a job all summer. I’m so proud of meeting my blog goals such as advertising on a high traffic blog, reaching 250 followers, offering sponsorships, and posting original recipes. In addition to those goals I completed some great things that were not on my list. I had my first internship at an amazing company and a SECOND internship with another great company. I worked out consistently over the summer and got a retail job that makes me pretty happy. I learned how to cook many new things and experimented with my personal style. I made some true friends in my new city and started building professional relationships that will help me after I graduate.

So, I might not have found the time to make a quilt, but the things that did fill my days were just as enriching as any quilt could ever be.

Do any of you make yearly or monthly goals for yourself? I always like to see how other approach this or if it’s just me being the crazy planner that I am.

I’ll be back later with details about next year’s goals. I’m changing up my format a big from previous years but I think it is going to yield much more successful results.


6 thoughts on “Old Goals, New Accomplishments

  1. Oh you're so sweet and encouraging. The closet cleaning really gets ya, doesn't it!? I would be lying if I said I didn't have a few late night closet cleaning raids too :).

  2. I didn't really make a list of goals, well, I did in my mind. After reading the Happiness Project, I just dove in. Ok, I will admit, I did get up one night at 1 am and starting cleaning out my closet. I think its wonderful that you have great goals for yourself and I hope you accomplish all you want.. And know that if you didn't, that you will be okay with that too. Hugs..Amanda

  3. That totally counts!! I'm a firm believer in the fact that goals are more guidelines and that you shouldn't be disappointed in yourself if you get busy and fall behind. If you had never set the goal for yourself you never would have done anything in the first place! You're doing great, lady.

  4. The only goal I set for myself this year was my 52 weeks of portraits. I'm behind by about a month right now, lol. I started a new job, night classes and haven't had any time off that matches anyone else. Whew. Next year I'll be planning one a month. Then I can PLAN and really make something fab, instead of last minute thrown together. Spending today shooting a bottle of perfume, does that count as a portrait? ;)

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