One of my favorite parts about traveling is eating in new places (or old favorites!). Every time I’m in Phoenix I make it a point to hit a few key restaurants and one of those is Pomegranate. It’s an organic, vegetarian place with great branding, an adorable atmosphere, and some really unique desserts.

The dish I always used to order is no longer on the menu (heartbreak!!!) so I branched out a tried something a little different. I was not disappointed.


My dish was called The Dragon Bowl and was full of a wide array of fresh, stir-fried veggies and tofu. Does anyone know what those greens on top were? They were awesome! Underneath those were veggies like yellow squash, zucchini, bright and colorful bell peppers, slivers of perfectly cooked onion, and quinoa (which isn’t a veggie but is definitely worth a mention). It’s also worth noting that their tofu always has a wonderful texture to it.

If you’re in Phoenix I would really recommend this spot for a cute breakfast or lunch. They also have awesome iced tea (I always get the pomegranate green tea) and killer “cowgirl” cookies. I’m not sure what they put in those cookies but one of the ingredients is probably crack/cocaine because I am addicted…

Do you have any restaurants that you love to visit when you go home? (Assuming you live away from home!)

5 thoughts on “Pomegranate

  1. I know what you mean! Whenever I visit home me and my mum always go to this cute little cafe that we once found by accident. They make THE best grilled cheese and serve tea in teapots – I love it!

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