Photoshoots with friends

Happy December everyone! I’m having trouble believing that in two more weeks my second to last semester of college will be over. Where does the time go – honestly? This semester has been so so busy for me but I have managed to find some time to do fun things. One of those things was a photoshoot with my darling friend, Emiley Smith. You may remember back in this post I noted that I have some really talented friends. Emiley and I have been friends since 6th grade and we both ended up at Columbia College together. She’s actually the reason I knew Columbia existed!

Anyways, her model for a lighting project dropped out last minute and she asked me fill in. I get really shy when people are taking my picture but it ended up being such a fun night. After all, how many 21-year-olds get to play dress-up and not feel crazy about doing so? I hope I get the chance to work with Em again in the future, she’s fabulous!


6 thoughts on “Photoshoots with friends

  1. They are all amazing but that last photo of you…I think you'll be loveing that more and more-it is beautiful. I bet it'll be something that you pull out of a fabulous shoebox in 30 years to look back on. Amazing!

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