Christmas in the City

Chicago is a really fun city around the holidays. From the Macy’s window displays to the lights strung on the trees lining the sidewalks there are countless ways to enjoy the holiday spirit. I thought it might be fun to share some peeks into my day-to-day life now that it’s peppered with holiday fun!

my Christmas tree making my living room sparkle
Christmas in Chicago

the first snowfall
Christmas in Chicago

wrapping presents with fabric scrap bows and kraft paper
Christmas in Chicago

lights on the sidewalks that play Christmas music all day and night
Christmas in Chicago

the Christmas tree in front of the John Hancock Tower
Christmas in Chicago

But today I’ll be saying goodbye to all of Chicago’s Christmas festivities. I’m on my way home to Arizona to spend time in the sunshine with my family and old friends. I’m so excited to finish my Christmas shopping, knit up a storm, read for hours on end, and take a break from work/school/life.

Are any of you traveling for the holidays? I’d love to hear about your plans!


3 thoughts on “Christmas in the City

  1. J. Mill – That sounds wonderful :).I actually grew up in Phoenix so I don't have any tips for Tucson! I wish I could be more helpful lol.Stephen Andrew – Thank you :)!! I'm sure you'll have a lovely Christmas right where you are!

  2. I'm going to northern Indiana for Christmas. Not much more sunshine there, but family's worth it!I'm going to Tucson in January. Do you live near there/have you been there and do you have any must-sees or must-dos?

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