Commitment to Quality

One resolution I didn’t mention in my post the other day is something that’s been on my mind for a while. In the next year my life is going to go through some dramatic changes. I’ll be moving across the country, graduating from college, becoming financially independent, etc. etc. In this next stage in my life I have decided I want to make a commitment to quality.

This commitment stems from a few different issues that I’ve come across in my life. I’m tired of owning cheap clothes that pill/tear/fray after only a few washes. I am sick of going out to eat and coming home feeling lethargic from the excessive portions and questionable ingredients. I’ve grown weary of spending money on trinkets that are supposed to make my life happier when they only create clutter and stress. It makes me sad to think about all of the things in my life that are poorly constructed. In a way, it makes me feel unstable.

So to combat this, I’ve decided to make a commitment to quality in my life. When I buy clothes I want to shop brands that take care to choose good fabric and construct my garments in a way that makes them timeless. I don’t want to own trendy pieces that I will tire of by the time the next season rolls around. I want my shoes and clothes to be classic pieces that I can wear time and time again. I’ve finally found my style so I feel comfortable buying higher-end pieces that will last years instead of weeks in my closet.

When food shopping I want to steer clear of canned and over-processed foods. When possible, I want to buy local and sustainable products. I want to buy LESS food. Less per-packaged goods like canned beans, pre-chopped vegetables, and instant rice. I want the food I eat to be whole and healthy.

When I move and furnish my new apartment or home, I want to buy quality furniture. Even if that means I can only afford one piece a month, I would rather be surrounded by a strong foundation than broken drawers and chipped particleboard. I’m tired of living in a page from an Ikea catalog.

I also want to commit to quality in my social life. I want to surround myself with people who bring me up. I want my friends to love me whether I dress up or down, wear glasses or contacts, am sad or happy, etc. Life is too short to be surrounded by anything less than unconditional love.

On that note, I want to watch my mouth. I don’t want to participate in gossip or negativity. This will be difficult but the reward will be so great. I want to tone down my sarcastic comments and practice being more genuine. I want to speak up when I’m feeling overlooked. I want to find the balance of honesty and humility. When I apologize, I want it to come from my heart.

Over the next year, I will be revisiting this post frequently. There are minor and major projects I want to complete that will help contribute to the overall quality in my life. I would love it if you joined me in my commitment to quality. I’m considering making some blog buttons that can serve as little reminders of this commitment. If I made some, would you take the pledge?


6 thoughts on “Commitment to Quality

  1. Hi, first time reading your blog , i like your resolutions esp the one about toning down sarastic comments. People will neither get you or they dont Good luck with them all

  2. I have also started this, albeit in a less organized and eloquent way. I've just felt overwhelmed with stuf lately. I can admit that I am a bit of a shopaholic, and while I think of how much I spent on cheap implulse buys last year I sigh at the fact that I could have had a few amazing pieces instead. and more space and air and calm in my life. Every day this week I've been purging. One drawer or closet shelf or storage box per day, slowly chipping away at my 'stuff' and it's pretty quickly adding up to bags and bags to go to goodwill. All the best to you on your quest, I'll try to join you!p.s. coming to Chicago again in April – Steve is presenting at a poli sci conference

  3. I love your resolution! What are some clothing items you're going to invest in (black turtle-neck, nude pumps, Italian leather purse)? And what brands/designers are you going to go for in 2012? I'd love to take on a portion of this challenge with you and will stay tuned!

  4. This is such a fantastic post! Its almost sad how we all seem to feel the need to fill our lives with cheap convenience rather than taking the time necessary to save money, think about things and fill our lives with things we love. I would SO join you in a pledge for quality!

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