Pizzeria Bianco

Last night I dragged my family out to dinner at Pizzeria Bianco. I’ve been reading rave reviews for quite some time and was really excited to try it out.
Pizzeria Bianco
Pizzeria Bianco is a quaint pizza place in downtown Phoenix. One of my favorite things about the whole dinner was the aesthetic of the restaurant. The cute brick exterior, the huge windows, and the cozy feel of the interior all make dining there a great experience.

The menu is limited so if you have picky eaters I’d steer clear. I thought the pizza options sounded wonderful so I was a pretty happy camper. My family ended up ordering three different pizzas: the Wise Guy which was a white pizza topped with smoked mozzarella, onions, and sausage, a classic margarita pizza with some wood roasted mushrooms on top, and the Biancoverde which was also a white pizza topped with arugula, parmigiano reggiano, ricotta, and mozzarella.

My favorite was the Biancoverde with the Margarita coming in as a close second. The Wise Guy was yummy but a little too cheesy for my taste!

The pizza was yummy, the atmosphere was adorable, and the wine/beer list was up to snuff but the best part of the whole dinner was the crust. Ohhhhhh the crust. Just typing about it is making my mouth water. I prefer thinner crusts on pizza and this was PERFECT. The part you hold on to was crisp and delicious while the portion holding the toppings managed to be soft enough to give the toppings the spotlight. Would it be really out of line if I lurked in the back of the restaurant snacking on the crust that other customers threw to the wayside? Yes? Okay…
Sean & I
All in all, I had a good night. The pizza wasn’t as breathtaking as I had hoped but the crust more than made up for it. My family and I got there early because Pizzeria Bianco is notorious for having excruciating wait times. We ended up being seated as soon as we arrived but I imagine having to wait an extraordinary amount of time to be seated might have put a cloud over the whole dinner. So my advice is to go early, order the Biancoverde, and savor every bite of the crust.

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