The Summer Set and The Cab

The Cab & The Summer Set 2/1/12

In high school I used to frequent Arizona’s local music venues. I loved the smaller bands that toured these underground venues and always felt so cool being one of the people who listened to them (or KNEW them). I had a TON of friends in bands (still do) so many shows my friends opened for ended up introducing me to new amazing music. My senior year of high school my friend Matt’s band was playing at The Summer Set’s first CD release show. For about $5 I scored their EP and got to see some great bands.

The Cab & The Summer Set 2/1/12

Almost four years later and The Summer Set is one of my favorite bands. Not only do they give me those warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia but their music is so upbeat that I can’t help but do a little dance to it as a smile creeps across my face. Honestly, they’re just FUN.

The Cab & The Summer Set 2/1/12

I went to one of their shows in Chicago last year and spent the whole night telling anyone who would listen that they were from my hometown. When my brother told me they were going to be in town with The Cab I was thrilled! I ended up having a blast at the show. There’s something to be said for live music and somewhat obnoxious dancing in a bar with sticky floors and too many underage kids with crazy colors in their hair (and their parents monitoring them from the back of the crowd).

The Cab & The Summer Set 2/1/12
Going to this concert was part of my commitment to say “yes” to positive social outings. Normally I wouldn’t have gone because of money or class the next morning or just sheer laziness, but I decided to set all of my excuses aside and just GO! Absolutely worth stepping out of my comfort zone, if you ask me :).

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