Valentines Party

I’ve never really been ALONE on Valentines day. Growing up it was tradition in my family to go out to dinner at those wonderful Asian places that cook on your table (ah my mouth is watering just thinking about it). My freshman year of school I went out to dinner with a bunch of my friends and last year a sweet boy took me out for burgers and we ended our night with some top gear. Being a single lady this year I knew I wanted to do something so I didn’t end up binge eating chocolate and throwing things at the tv while watching a romantic comedy marathon.
The solution? My roommate and I built a fort, then my friend Emiley came over for pink sparkling wine and heart-shaped grilled cheese. We topped off the night with Chocolat because Johnny Depp is just beyond gorgeous in that movie. It was so much fun and is something I really want to carry on in the future.
The grilled cheese I made was AMAZING. Honey apple butter and rosemary with extra sharp cheddar cheese. I die. You can find the recipe over here. All you need is honey apple butter from trader joes, some fresh rosemary, and a few slices of extra sharp cheddar. Coat both sides with butter and grill that bad boy on a low heat until your cheese is melty-gooey perfection and call it a night.
How did you all spend your nights?

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