Beer and Boobs; Blue Moon Winter Lager

I am a beer girl, all the way. And one of my favorite things is trying new beers whether they’re locally crafted, seasonal, or something you’ll find in every 7-11 in the country. This new feature is going to share some of the brews that have passed through my life and hopefully inspire you to venture into the world of beer if you’re not a fan quite yet.

I think a lot of women steer clear of beer because they tried it once and hated what they had. Just like any other booze, there are TONS of different beers all with unique flavors. Just because that ICEHOUSE you drank while playing beer pong in college wasn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean there isn’t a beer out there for you somewhere :). This series is basically me exploring the wonderful world of beer and sharing my experiences with you. I’m no beer expert but I can offer you my honest opinion and hopefully encourage you to try something new!

To kick things off I want to talk about one of my favorite beers, Blue Moon.

Beer & Boobs; Blue Moon

I always keep some blue moon on hand. The rich flavor, delicious citrus notes, and smooth taste keep me coming back time and time again. If you aren’t a big beer drinker this a pretty good place to start.

Beer & Boobs; Blue Moon

This probably shouldn’t factor in to your decision to buy this beer, but I really like the packaging too :).

Beer & Boobs; Blue Moon

My personal rating for Blue Moon is a 7 out of 10. It’s definitely a comfortable beer and has a great taste. Is it the best beer in the world? Definitely not, but it is pretty great!

Have any of you tried Blue Moon? How did you feel about it?

4 thoughts on “Beer and Boobs; Blue Moon Winter Lager

  1. I love beer but I am such a beer snob! Blue Moon is like, the equivalent of Icehouse for me (though I've never really had and of those cheap-o beers)…that and Hoegaarden which I prefer just above Blue Moon. Have you ever had Deliruim Tremens? My favorite…

  2. Fun feature! Blue Moon is probably our favourite American beer, though it's not really around in Canada here. Personally, I like 'less fizzy' beers – more ale style, since I don't like carbonation. If you find Canadian beers around you, Mill Street Tankhouse and Rickard's White are good bets. Cheers!

  3. Ahh you're speaking right to my heart with Shock Top and Fat Tire. They are two of my other favorites and I'm sure they'll be featured as time goes on :). I've never tried Hacker Pschorr Marzen but I just added it to my list! Can't wait :)!

  4. I love Blue Moon! I also like Shock Top and Fat Tire. My favorite beer? I'm a big fan of German beers… Hacker Pschorr Marzen is probably one of my favorites, though I also like just about any Hefe Weissebier (though since they are heavier you can't drink as many).

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