Living In Color: Day Five

I know I say this a lot but…this is my favorite outfit so far. On Wednesday we had some GORGEOUS weather in Chicago and I took full advantage by wearing this little number. I also got my bangs trimmed so my whole head feels better. I love my straight-across bangs…they make me feel like a model.
Living in Color: Day Five
When I took these pictures I was all hopped up on hot chocolate and got a little goofy. I’m having wayyyy too much fun taking pictures of myself for this challenge. Maybe all of this color is going straight to my head? Either way, I’m okay with it :).
Living in Color: Day Five
blouse,tank,jeans//United Colors of Benetton
Living in Color: Day Five
I’m busier than I’ve been in a long time but I’m really loving life right now. How about you guys?


4 thoughts on “Living In Color: Day Five

  1. You know, it really has put me in a better mood!!! This is definitely something I want to keep doing even though my challenge is over now. I'm so happy you've been joining in!

  2. I'm loving this little challenge you've set! I've been joining in…just without the pictures, haha! I need to overcome my aversion to taking pictures of myself. Did you find that being colourful put you in a better mood? So weird!

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