Apartment Tour: Living Room and Kitchen "After" Images

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are the after images of my apartment. This was definitely a labor of love.
Apartment Tour
Our kitchen and living room are separated by an island and I really love it. It’s so fun to chat with people while cooking a meal for them. I love how open everything is. We also get a TON of natural light in our living room which is tough to find when you live in a city. I’m a lucky gal.
Apartment Tour
I like to keep my favorite spices accessible so this little spice rack is perfect for me! The rest of my spices are kept in a cabinet and they’re a mess. Let’s just pretend like all of them are as organized as this.
Apartment Tour
Our actual “kitchen” is pretty small but keeping the colors consistent with the decor in the rest of the room keeps it from feeling cramped. It also helps to keep the counters clear of too many appliances. We usually just keep the toaster and my stand mixer out. I’ve also got a gas cooktop which I LOVE. I’ve never had one before and I don’t ever want to go back.
Apartment Tour
Apartment Tour
My favorite part of the living room is the couch area. I made all of the pillows and artwork over the summer so I kind of have a love connection with it. I get seriously territorial about my pillows lol.
Living Room
We actually moved our TV to the other side of the room after I took this picture so it’s easier to lounge and catch up on The Cooking Channel.
The last little bit of my living room is the kitchen table. We picked it up for free when our downstairs neighbors moved out and left it behind. We don’t have any chairs for it so it’s mostly a place to hold my garden and to do crafty projects. When we need chairs we just pull up our desk chair. It’s the most “college” aspect of my apartment.
Apartment Tour
I really love my apartment but I’m also excited to move and decorate a new place! I’m always pinning inspiration for decor. How do you like to decorate!?

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