Taco Style Stuffed Shells

In an ongoing effort to clean out my cabinets before I move I’ve been making some recipes that are somewhat out of my comfort zone. I saw this little gem over on Closet Cooking and was excited to see it would clean out a couple different things from my cupboards.
Stuffed Shells, Taco Style

I followed the recipe exactly except for the ground beef. I have a box of frozen angus burger patties in my freezer and opted to use those in lieu of the ground beef. Simply thaw them out in your refrigerator then crumble them into a pan–perfection! My only complaint was that the filling was a bit greasy from the hamburger. If you don’t like the extra grease, cook your hamburger meat in a separate pan, drain the grease, then incorporate it into the onion & garlic mixture.

Stuffed Shells, Taco Style

My roommate liked it so much that she made it again with her family the next day. It’s a really fun twist on mexican-style cuisine.

Stuffed Shells, Taco Style

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