Being Elmo

I’m already crossing goals off of my spring break list. After a long day at work yesterday I came home, filled up my bubble bath and started watching Being Elmo. One of my goals for spring break was to watch a movie. Seems like a silly goal but I don’t really allow time for this during my normal schedule. I’m so happy I chose this movie because it was such a breath of fresh air.

This movie is WONDERFUL beyond all reason. You need to watch it immediately. At the very least you need to watch the trailer that I posted above. I really can’t describe how much I needed to hear this story during this time in my life. I’ve always believed that with hard work and dedication you can succeed at anything but it’s easy to lose sight of that. This beautifully uplifting movie put my thoughts back on track.

I’ll be spending my day today working but I’m off to brunch with a good friend of mine. Where are we eating? AT A NEW RESTAURANT. For those keeping count, I’ve officially crossed off two goals in the first two days of my break. I’m winning spring break right now.


2 thoughts on “Being Elmo

  1. I watched this movie recently and thought it was excellent. I definitely didn't expect a movie about puppetry would make me tear up…more than once. I've been recommending this movie like crazy. :)

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